Zacchaeus craft

Published July 3, 2020 by webbie in Children's Corner, Intimations







(What is needed –paper, scissors and blue tack)pin the tail on the donkey - Download Free Vectors, Clipart ...

This weeks’ craft is to make your own pin Zacchaeus on the tree.

Draw a lovely big tree on a bit of paper and mark a spot where Zacchaeus should be sitting.

After this stick it onto a wall/door.

Then draw Zacchaeus on another bit of paper and then cut him out (get help while using the scissors please).

Once you have done that stick some blue tack on the back of Zacchaeus, close your eyes and the person who gets Zacchaeus closest to the marked spot wins!

(We would love to see what you have made so why not take a photo and send them to us)

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