Published May 8, 2020 by webbie in Children's Corner, Intimations
We are so glad you have come to check out this awesome page that we have made especially for you young people!

Every Friday you will find a new video of a bible story, activities, a challenge, puzzles and a link to a praise song and a prayer for you to read out loud!

We would love it if you could send us photos of you completing the weekly challenge and photos of your beautiful colouring-in-sheets – 


so please send these to either


  admin@sandyhillschurch  or

Have fun and stay safe!!

This week we are learning all about Noah.

Noah’s Ark   
Praise Song
Click the link above for fun things to do
Word seach, Colouring sheets, Quiz, Crossword
Craft   This weeks craft is to make a rainbow out of skittles.
Please get help from an adult for this craft.
You will find how to do this craft by clicking on this YouTube link –
Challenge   Your challenge this week is to try and make a boat and send a photo of it floating on water!! Good luck
Prayer:   Father God, thank you for the beautiful world that you have created. We are sorry when we do not treat your creation as we should. We thank you for the beautiful rainbow that we see in the sky that is meant to remind us God of your promise to us. Father thank you that you always keep the promises that you have made, thank you that you love us and thank you that we can know you as our heavenly Father. Amen.