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7 May
A Praying People PT2

Today we complete our journey through Ephesians 6:10-20 with a look at prayer. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians reflecting on ‘The Armour of God’ concludes with these words from v18 ‘praying at all times in the spirit with all prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all saints’…

30th April
A Praying People

This week the focus is on prayer. The main text is Ephesians 6:18 ‘Praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication.To that end keep alert with all perseverance,making supplication to all saints,’

23rd April
The word of the Spirit

We return this week to “The Armour of God’ series looking at especially at Ephesians 6:17 ‘and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God’ Paul is reflecting to us the WORD of GOD as contained in the scriptures which we should be conducting in our daily lives.

9th April
The Helmet of Salvation

The Story of 2 Crowns
Sunday’s Com’in – The Resurrection. The minister continues to look at Ephesians 6 and uses Luke 24:1-28 to focus on the The Resurrection – this Easter Sunday

2nd April          Palm Sunday
Shield of Faith

On this Palm Sunday we reflect on Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians 6:16 he writes ’ In all circumstances take up the Shield of Faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one’ 

March 26
Gospel Shoes

Ephesians 6:15 is the backdrop for today’s reflective sermon’ ..and as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace’ The minister challenges us with this text of our readiness for daily challenges.

March 19
The breastplate of Righteousness

Last week we looked at fastening the belt of truth – today we look at the significance of the BREASTPLATE as found in Ephesians 6:14

March 12
The belt of truth

The armour of God series title continues with a look at Ephesians 6:13-14. The minister picks out the essence of being truthful to your faith and stand firm against all the odds that we encounter in our daily lives.

March 5
The Spiritual battle Part 2

Part 2 of our series looking at the Armour of God. Text is from Ephesians 16:10-20. The minister this morning reflects on the need for prayer. 

V18 reads ‘praying at all times in the spirit with all prayer and supplication.’

February 19
The Spiritual Battle

The start of a series looking at the Armour of God. Text is from Ephesians 16:10-20.

‘Put on the Whole Armour of God’ v11 – there are many hymns which follow the theme of Gods Armour.…

Sermons not in a series

3rd December
Christmas imPOSSIBLE

Micah 5:2 – Also Matthew 2:1-6
This is one of those places in the Old Testament where we see a specific promise that one would come from ancient days to be born in Bethlehem. This is a clear picture of the promise of Jesus. And not just that he would come, but where he would be born. 


November 26
Dealing with temptation

Matthew 4:1-11
describes Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. After 40 days and nights of fasting, Jesus faces three temptations from Satan. Each one attempts to lure Christ into abusing His power; to take immediately what God the Father has promised to provide later.

Turning stones into bread, bowing to Satan, and putting God to the test were the three temptations with which the Evil One thought he could win over Jesus. Scripture records that Jesus never gave into the temptations and Satan was defeated.

November 19th
Bearing shame and scoffing rude

Genesis 3:1-13, Matthew 27:27-31, Genesis 2:16-17,Genesis 2:25

Satan disguises himself and waits for opportunities to tempt us to sin. Knowing the Word of God is essential to defend against Satan’s lies. Adam and Eve were tempted because they desired to experience more than God had allowed. Sin and shame breaks fellowship with God and separates us from His presence.

Matthew 27:27–31 describes Roman soldiers abusing Jesus inside the governor’s headquarters. Most of this mistreatment occurred before His final sentencing, but Matthew continues to group events by theme more than by time. The soldiers strip off Jesus’ clothes and dress Him as a mock king.

November 12
The God who remembers

We will remember them. ‘Lest we forget’
On this Remembrance Sunday in 2023 – The ministers uses Exodus 2:23-25 to remind us of God’s Covenant. The passage (2:23 – 25) also introduces the account of the preparation of Moses. God responds to the cries for help from His covenant people who are in bondage. Of Moses’ life among the Midianites, little is known.

November 5
Certainty admist uncertainty

1 John 5:6-15 
(14-15) This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him. These verses offer one of the Bible’s best definitions of prayer.

October 29
Our greatest need

Luke 5:15-26
Jesus is teaching a large group of people in His home in Capernaum (Mark 2:1). Although Luke already recorded the conflict Jesus experienced in His hometown (Luke 4:16–30), this is the first time he mentions antagonism between Jesus and the religious leaders, specifically Pharisees and scribes.

Pharisees asked the crucial question about Jesus: “Who is this man?” (5:21). The fact that He could speak the word and heal this paralytic should have answered their question: He is God in human flesh.

October 15
What faith

Matthew 14:22-33

Jesus reveals himself — not simply as Jesus, their teacher, but as “I AM.” A more literal translation of this sentence would be, “Take heart, I am, do not be afraid.” This self-revelation is a disclosure of Jesus’ source of power.

October 8
The harvest is plentiful

Scripture Luke 10:1-12
This is a warning for those who hear the truth yet do not receive it. There was a Jewish custom whenever Jews returned home from a Gentile country; they were to shake off the dust from their feet to signify the breaking of their ties with the Gentiles. This is exactly what Jesus is referring to here and again in Luke chapter 9:1 When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases …..

October 1
The scandal of grace

Scripture Mark 15:6-20
Jesus is taken to the local Roman governor, Pilate. This is the only person in Jerusalem with the legal authority to have Jesus executed. Pilate is not fooled, and he attempts to arrange for Jesus’ release. But the ruler’s ploys fail, in part because Jesus will not defend Himself, and partly because the mob is intent on His death. Pilate offers a prisoner exchange in Barabbas, and even has Jesus brutally beaten in order to pacify the crowd. 

September 24
Being Thankful

Scripture today is taken from 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Psalms 126:2-3 and Hebrews 12:28-29.

The author of Hebrews tells us that God is a consuming fire. God’s kingdom is coming. It is here. If we will let him, God will consume more and more of our lives and our time right here on earth.

Our sanctuary today was full in a cafe style layout – it seemed many more came in to our service this morning.

September 17
P0wer over Death

The reading is Luke 8:40-56. Last week we looked at the first few verses, this week we look at the conclusion of the chapter relating to the women who was hemorrhaging.

There comes a time sometimes when even solid faith buckles. We hope against hope and then our hopes are dashed. We are tempted to give up and walk away from Jesus. But Jesus doesn’t let us go so easily. “Don’t be afraid,” he says gently. He knows our fears and our limits. But if he goes with us, he can carry us beyond our fears. “Just believe,” he says, “and she will be hear.

September 10
The hem of his garment

Upon touching the Lord’s garment, the woman was instantly healed. No doubt she intended to remain as inconspicuous as possible, allowing Jesus and the crowd to pass on, leaving her alone, unnoticed, and eventually be able to return to her home and a normal life. But Jesus wouldn’t have it this way. Astounding the disciples and others, Jesus stopped and inquired as to who’d touched him.

Continued next week

September 3
The day of the Lord

The Bible verse, 1 Thessalonians 5:11, reads: “Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up…” Encouraging and inspiring your neighbours is an important part of loving them as yourself. Providing encouragement and inspiration is doubly important because most people you meet are hurting in some way.

(I Thessalonians 5:1-11)



August 27
Our starting point

This psalm invites us to believe again that our faith in God will never desert us, no matter what happens. Life without fear is not possible, but faith can call us to live into God’s will for our life instead of reducing our lives because of our fears and insecurities.

August 20
What’s your motif

Todays reading is from Matthew 22:23-46. Jesus is questioned by the Sadducees who were trying to trick him up to get the answers they wanted to hear. Jesus challenges them with his own questions.

August 13
Firm Foundation

When a person builds his life on Jesus’ words he is building a strong foundation. He will be strong inside. The foolish man in the parable was like someone who listened to Jesus’ instructions but then did not follow them. A person that does not build his life on Jesus’ words will not have a strong foundation.
We hope the foundation given to our children who joined us over the last three days at the summer mission will develop in that foundation.

August 6
Come to me

Matthew 11:25 – 30 is the text for todays sermon. Following on by members of our congregation who have just returned from Rwanda with Comfort International. They saw God’s work taking place after so much upheaval in the country.

July 30
Only Jesus

In the gospel accounts, Jesus and three of his apostles, Peter, James, and John, go to a mountain (later referred to as the Mount of Transfiguration) to pray. On the mountaintop, Jesus begins to shine with bright rays of light. Then the Old Testament figures Moses and Elijah appear next for him and he speaks with them.  Mark 9:2-8

July 23
The new choice

Part 3 – Today Sandy completes this three part series ‘The New creation in Christ’ over the last three weeks each Sunday has asked many questions of us as christians. This week is just as searching as we face ‘The new choice’

July 16
The Cross: Why it had to happen

Part two of ‘The new Creation in Christ: The Cross- why did it to happen. Sandy takes us through the journey that Jesus went through to the cross and the processes that Jesus had to navigate. Thoughts on GOD the Father and the meaning that we can take from today in our lives.

July 9
Understanding Revelation

Over the next three Sunday’s Sandy takes us on a journey as christians to understand the New Creation in Christ. Scripture used this week to illustrate “Understanding Revelation’ Genesis 3:4-5, Ecclesiastes 2:11, Ezekiel 36:25-28 and Jeremiah 2:13.


July 2
Kind tongues, soft hearts

The reading from Hebrews 10:23-25 reflects on what comes from a clean heart that has been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. When we have this kind of love for God, it will overflow in every area of our lives – including our relationships. The graphic shows this clearly together in love.

25 June
I want to see

In the right place at the right time as Jesus visits Jericho. Bartimaeus a beggar is sitting at the road side calls out to Jesus ‘Son of David, have mercy on me’ His faith was rewarded. 

18 June
God Loves all

Archie from Comfort International uses Ephesians 3:14-21 to illustrate God’s love for all. Archie highlights v 20 as a way to illustrate God loves in many ways using Comfort International and the work carried out its name throughout Rwanda and beyond.

11 June
A Picture of grace pt2

Continuation on from last weeks passage John 21:15-25. The passage reflects on Peter’s denial of Jesus. The minister uses Luke 22:54-62 to illustrate the denial after Jesus is detained.

04 June
A picture of grace

Jesus appears to seven of the disciples on the edge of Sea of Galilee. The Seven in the boat did recognise him standing on the edge but Jesus spoke to Peter. Other verses used in the sermon are Luke 22:54-62 and Mark16:7

28 May
Pentecost :The Helper

In the right place at the right time as Jesus visits Jericho. Bartimaeus a beggar is sitting at the road side calls out to Jesus ‘Son of David, have mercy on me’ His faith was rewarded. 

21 May
The Bride of Christ

Today is Holy Communion. The minister uses two scriptures Ephesians 5:25-32 & Revelation 19:7-9. In verse 9 of Revelation 19 we read these words ‘ And the angel said to me”Write this:’Blessed are those who invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb” and he said to me,”These are the true words of God” This aptly illustrates the Communion we received today.

May 14
Follow Me

Today’s reading is from Matthew 16:13-28 with emphasis on verses 24 – 28. The backdrop is four people today committed themselves to Jesus. Verse 24 ‘Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me….”

April 16
The Two Realities

Sandy uses the 1999 blockbuster movie ‘The Matrix’ as background metaphor for today’s sermon. Many thoughts for us as we journey into and reflect on the Kingdom of God.

John 14 and 2 Corinthians 3:17-18

February 26
Church Unity

Psalm 133 is the scripture that Bob Anderson from Yoker, Evangelical church uses it illustrate the need for church unity.

February 12
Stand Firm

Are you standing firm in your faith. The minister looks at 1 Corinthians 16:12-14 to look at our faith. Are you standing firm in your faith. The minister looks at 1 Corinthians 16:12-14 to look at our faith.

February 5th
The precious Blood of Jesus

The minister draws on two passages to illustrate the precious Blood of Jesus – Zechariah 12:10 – 13:1 and Hebrews 9:15-22.

January 29
The cost of Mercy

Three times Jesus returns from praying to find the disciples asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane. The scripture ends with betrayal.

Reading from Mark 14:32-52

January 22 
Godly priorities

The minister asks at the start of his sermon ‘Is Christ an added extra in your life or the main thing?’ he goes on to develop  ‘Jesus is the cornerstone. Is that what we build our life up on?’ Scripture is from Matthew 6:25-34.

January 15
Come and See

Mission was the challenge from today’s sermon from John 4:1-30. In v29 a cry from the woman from Samaria at the well ‘Come see a man who told me all that I ever did. Can this be the Christ’ and v39  ‘Many Samaritans from the that town believed in HIM because of the woman’s testimony …..

January 8th 2023
Blessed Assurance

The minister in his sermon today invites us to ask ourselves many questions. The text is taken from Hebrews 10:19-25.

January 1st
Out of Egypt

On this the first day of 2023 the minister reflects on the images of The Three Wise Men after they visit Jesus possibly 2 years after his birth. The scripture passage is Matthew 2:13-23.

November 20
Don’t lose Heart
2 Corinthians 4:16 – 18

There many trials and tribulations in our personal lives each and everyday. Filipe our Youth Pastor takes us on a journey using 2 Chronicles 4:16-18 as his motivation. There are many scripture passages used to explore his journey.

November 13
God’s Word

On this Remembrance Sunday 2022 we reflect on many conflicts in the years past. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the conflict in the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic seas. The minister has chosen Psalm 18:25-30 to bring today into sharp focus

September 11
He was at home

Sermon today has a different emphasis as it coincided with the period of mourning for the loss of The Queen Elizabeth II. The minister used text from Mark 2:1-12,Mark 11:15-19 to illustrate the faith of Queen Elizabeth. The text reflects on the parable ‘Jesus heals a Paralytic’ and the ‘Jesus cleanses the Temple.

September 4
Peace for the storm

Todays passage from Mark 4:35-41 covers the story of Jesus on The Sea of Galilee when a storm breaks out. The deciples became quite concerned about the waves but Jesus said “Peace Be Still” and there was great calm. Norman closes the sermon with words from Revelation 21:1-5

August 28

Sandy takes us through the meaning of Koinonia with text from Ephesians 4:17-32.



August 21
Touched by Jesus

Today’s sermon is from Luke 8:40-48.Filipe reflects on the scene when Jesus felt that someone had touched his garment in the crowd.

August 14
To Him be the glory

Ephesians 3:14-21 apostle Paul speaks of the strength of prayer for spiritual strength.

August 7th
A gift of salvation

Great fellowship with the children over the holidays within our church – the sermon title ‘The Gift of Salvation’ and one of the key verses  from Ephesians 2:1-9  v 4 ‘God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ’

July 31st
A Call to life John 11:1-44

John’s gospel Chapter 11:1-44 provides the text recalling the death of Lazarus. Jesus spoke to Martha with these words “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this.”

April 3
The one who makes all things new

Sandy Weddell takes us through his message.

April 10
The Pivotal Point of Human History John 12:12-19

On this Palm Sunday Derek Robertson takes us through the Holy week beginning with Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem

12 June

Light of the world. John 1:1-14

Jesus is the light that shines above thing else in our lives. Jesus LIVES.
Filipe our Youth Pastor takes us through John 1:1-14 with some reflective thoughts on this our youth presentation service.

26 June

Hope that purifies 1 John 2:28 – 33-3:3

John’s letter is sent to congregations throughout Asia Minor in the first century.
Note 3:3 ‘ And everyone who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure.

10 July

Joy when you face trials          James 1:1-4

James a well known disciple reflects on the idea that we need trials to take us forward in our belief.

17 July

The Parable of the sower Part one. Matthew 13:1-9

Sandy is taking us through Matthew 13:1-9 relating to the Parable of the sower. Some interesting reflections on the Soil and seed in our everday lives.

24 July

The Parable of the sower Part two 

Sandy is taking us through Matthew 13:1-9 relating to the Parable of the sower. Some interesting reflections on the Soil and seed in our everday lives.

Sermons - Christmas 2023

December 25

December 24


December 17

December 10

December 4
Christmas imPOSSIBLE

Micah 5:2 – Also Matthew 2:1-6
This is one of those places in the Old Testament where we see a specific promise that one would come from ancient days to be born in Bethlehem. This is a clear picture of the promise of Jesus. And not just that he would come, but where he would be born. 


April - October 2022

1 Peter series
‘Exiles with a living hope’

April 24                1 Peter 1:1-2   ‘God’s elec’
May 1                    1 Peter 1:3-12. ‘A living hope’
May 8.                  1 Peter 1:3-12. ‘A hope for living’
May 15.                1 Peter 1:13-19 ‘A holy people’
May 22.                1 Peter 1:20 – 2:3 ‘A Visible Holiness’
May 29                 1 Peter 2:4-8  ‘Christ our cornerstone’
June 22
June 5                  1 Peter 2:9-12 ‘Visible proclamation’
June 19                1 Peter 2:13-25 ‘Christ our example’
July 22
July 3                    1 Peter 3:1-7 ‘Godly Marriage’
September 22
September 25    1 Peter 3:8-12
October 22
October 2            1 Peter 3:13-17      A Fearless Hope
October 9            1 Peter 3:18-22.   The Greatest Exchange for the Greatest Harvest
October 16.         1 Peter 4:1-11        Steward of God’s grace 
October 23.         1 Peter 3:18-22 & 4:12-19      Safe in Christ
October 30          1 Peter 5:1-5  The crown of glory
November 22
November 6.      1 Peter 5:6-14 Standing Firm