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This week we are learning about Samson


Send your
pictures to either








Samson and Deliah


 Praise Song




Click the link above for fun things to do
Word seach, Colouring sheets, Quiz



Craft (What is needed – the carboard from inside a toilet roll, glue, thread (or something else to use as long hair and a pens)

Link to Craft



Samson got his strength from never shaving his hair.
our challenge this week (if you choose to accept it) is to show us a crazy hair style.

Again, please send in your photos!



Prayer Father God, thank you for this new day.

Everyday Lord is a gift from you.

God you are our strength and shield as the bible says.

Help us to not try and do things in our strength but to always depend on you.

God help us to follow You each day and help us to live a life that is please to You.