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This week we are learning about
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 Praise Song


Click the link above for fun things to do
Word search, Colouring sheets, Quiz,etc

Craft Paul

(What is needed –card/ paper, scissors and a pen)

Link to Craft

In the video we heard that Paul couldn’t see for three days. His friends had to help him get to where he wanted to go – Damascus. Your challenge this week is to make an obstacle course and try and get from one end to the other with your eyes closed. (Be careful though!)
Prayer Heavenly Father, thank You for the transformation that You bring to our lives.

Lord, we see from Paul’s life that he was someone who hated Jesus and Jesus’ followers but Lord after he encountered You he was changed forever.

Lord we ask that You would change our hearts to become more like Jesus and that You would give us a passion to tell people about Jesus just like Paul had.

We ask these things in Jesus name,   Amen.