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We are so glad you have come to check out this awesome page that we have made especially for you young people!

Every Friday you will find a new video of a bible story, activities, a challenge, puzzles and a link to a praise song and a prayer for you to read out loud!

We would love it if you could send us photos of you completing the weekly challenge and photos of your beautiful colouring-in-sheets – 



Send your
pictures to either



This week we are learning about Joseph




 Praise Song




Click the link above for fun things to do
Word seach, Colouring sheets, Quiz, Crossword



God’s Promises are true!
(What is needed – Card, scissors, skittles and glue.(We would love to see the colourful coats you make so why not take a photo and send them to us )


Your challenge this week (if you choose to accept it) wear as many different colours at one time.
Send us a picture of all the different colours you manage to put on – Good luck!! 


Prayer Father God, we thank you that you are always in control. Lord, even when we don’t understand why things are happening help us to always trust in You.

Thank you that You can bring good out of a bad situation.

Just as Joseph was sold into slavery because his brothers were being bad.

God, You used that situation to bring Joseph to Egypt so he could provide food for everyone when there was a famine.

God, we ask this day, that we would trust You more. In Jesus’ name, Amen.