Jesus calming the storm

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This week we are learning about
Jesus calming the storm
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Calming the storm
 Praise Song


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Craft Jesus calming the storm


(What is needed –a sponge/ paper, Sellotape and a toothpick)

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In the video we saw Jesus perform a miracle.
He spoke to the wind and the waves and they became still at the voice of Jesus!
Your challenge this week is to get a basin and make a wall in the middle of the basin then fill one side with water and see if you can make a damn to stop the water from going to the other side.

Prayer Heavenly Father, there is nothing in this world that is bigger or more powerful than You.

Help us to not try and fight the storms of life on our own but help us to turn to You.

Jesus would we hear Your voice speaking in our life.
We ask these things in Jesus name, Amen.