Graham Atkinson Thank you

Published November 2, 2017 by webbie in Intimations

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I need to first of all apologise for the length of time it has taken me to write this letter, I think the knowledge that it was the very final thing I had to do in connection with my ministry in Sandyhills Church led me to continually put it off, but whatever the reason, please accept my sincere apologies. The years Claire, Zoe and I spent as a family at Sandyhills Church were very special to us all and the support, prayer and blessing we knew there whilst leading and worshipping amongst the folk there will remain with us for ever.

The main purpose of writing of course, is to express our thanks for the farewell gifts that we received, and to say how overwhelmed we were by the generosity of the congregation

and friends. It is a strange thing to have to walk away from people that I’ve been so closely involved with and suddenly not have that same role anymore, but the Lord had 


made it clear that it was his right timing and so I find no difficulty in knowing and trusting that he will provide the right servant to carry his work forward, albeit there is a sadness that our part in it is over.

I know that we will one day stand together in glory and give thanks to God for his grace and blessing which was shared during our years in Sandyhills, and I continue to pray that this will be even more true for the next phase in the congregation’s history.

Lastly, one of the gifts I received was a stunning watch, which a lot of people who contributed didn’t get to see close-up, so I’ve attached two photos of the watch to this letter which can either go on the screen during the intimations sometime, or else if you want to buy a colour printer, they could go in the vision?

With every blessing, Graham, Claire and Zoe