Feeding 5000

Published June 26, 2020 by webbie in Children's Corner, Intimations



This week we are learning about
feeding the 5000


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Feeding 5000


 Praise Song




Click the link above for fun things to do
Word seach, Colouring sheets, Quiz



Craft Jesus feeds the 5000


(What is needed –paper/card and a printer)

(We would love to see what you have made so why not take a photo and send them to us)

Link to Craft



In the video we saw Jesus perform a miracle. He feed over 5000 people with just 5 loaves and 2 fish. Your challenge this week is to get a biscuit and see how many times you can bite it before it is finished. Maybe make it a competition and the person who takes the most bites before they finish their biscuit wins!


Prayer Heavenly Father, thank You for Your love.

God thank You that we see in the Bible and through the miracle Jesus performed when he fed the 5000 people that You provide for us.

God You provide everything we need. Help us to trust in You and to never be afraid because You are always there watching over us and providing for us.

We ask these things in Jesus name, Amen.