Published May 8, 2018 by webbie in Audio
I will glory in my redeemer
 Living Waters
 My worth is not what I own
 May the peoples praise you
 All That I am, I lay before you
 He came in flesh, the living stone
 I believe in Jesus, The only Son of God
 By grace I have been saved
 Speak, O Lord as we come to you
Come soon, the day when peace shall reign 
 Come thou fount of all blessings
 The Lord is my salvation
 Holy Child 
 Love came down at Christmas
 Mary did you know (Youth Choir)
Away in a manager (Youth Choir)
By grace I have been saved
Thy word is a lamp to my feet
There is a higher throne
Jesus – When you’re the hope i cling to.
The Lord my shepherd
See his love nailed to a cross
A Purple Robe
Son of Man led to die
To see the King of Heaven fall
The only Power that clenses me is the blood of Jesus
Beneath the cross of Jesus
He will hold me fast